Summit for Stem Cell Foundation


Summit for Stem Cell Foundation (Summit) is a 501(c)(3), charitable organization whose Mission is to support, educate and raise awareness about the development of today’s and tomorrow’s evidence-based regenerative medical therapies focused on Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. It is our goal to empower patients and physicians with information to elevate their understanding in order to manage their care.

Summit began as a grass roots volunteer group raising funds to advance Dr. Jeanne Loring’s stem cell-based therapy for Parkinson’s from bench to bedside. Summit successfully funded, promoted, and launched the autologous dopamine neuron replacement therapy into the private sector to hasten its progress. Now, in the hands of Aspen Neuroscience, Summit monitors and provides information on its progression.

The organization continues to impact and influence regenerative medicine and Parkinson’s disease worldwide. Summit strongly believes that regenerative medicine has the best potential to integrate and heal the human nervous system. Summit also works to protect the public from victimization by providing reliable evidence-based information.

Today, known for its maverick approach, Summit looks to new innovative research and scientific breakthroughs keeping its followers and supporters current via its programs.

All of us at Summit encourage you to help us as we help others by donating today.