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Paul Knoepfler, PhD

DATE: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 | 5:00-7:00pm PDT
Registration: OPEN SOON
WEBINAR: UPDATE: Bad Actor Stem Cell Clinics and Open Discussion
About Paul Knoepfler, PhD: Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy, the Genome Center, and the Comprehensive Cancer Center at University of California, Davis School of Medicine. Author of THE NICHE, a stem cell blog calling itself the longest running blog of its type.

In The Works...

Claire Henchcliffe, MD, PhD

DATE: TBD | 5:00-7:00pm PDT
Registration: OPEN SOON
WEBINAR: Looking at the Latest in Parkinson’s disease Clinical Trials
About Claire Henchcliffe, MD, PhD: Chair and Stanley van den Noort Professor of Neurology at the University of California, Irvine

Benjamin Stecher, Parkinson's disease Patinet Advocate

Webinar | Date & Time TBD 
[ TITLE: tba]
About Benjamin Stecher: Patient Advocate, PD; Chair of the Patient Advisory Board (PAB), Rune Labs; Co-author of Brain Fables. Member of Summit’s Board of Governors, Wellness Center for Parkinson’s

Webinar | Date & Time TBD 
[ TITLE: tba]
About Aspen Neuroscience, Inc.: Information coming soon…. 

Information and update on the autologous dopamine neuron replacement therapy and its progress towards clinical trials.

A huge gap in information exists between fast-paced scientific discoveries and the public – including the medical community.  The purpose of our educational program is to effectively bridge this gap and keep you informed about the some of the great research projects for Parkinson’s disease going on around the world. 

We provide accurate and evidence-based information from renown guest speakers and panelists. As a result, attendees are empowered with the ability to separate FACT from FICTION and the information needed to navigate alternative cell-based therapy options. The result is an informed person equipped with the tools needed to better manage their healthcare choices.

Thanks to the generosity of our SPONSORS, our webinars are FREE to everyone.

Our attendees are from all over the United States and from around the globe. They include the medical community, patients, caregivers, academia, research and pharmacology communities, students, and, ultimately, anyone interested in the great strides being made in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells. 

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