About Patient Services Program

Summit for Stem Cell Foundation is works with dedication for people with Parkinson’s disease, their families, physicians, friends, and caregivers. Summit’s Board of Directors understands the journey of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The organization has a strong advocate’s voice for those living with the disease. Through our Patient Services Program we strive to offer information and services that will empower a person with Parkinson’s disease’s with the ability to manage their healthcare for the best quality of life possible. Some ways this is accomplished are:

  • Provide current, reliable, & evidence-based information.
  • Patient Financial Assistance Program (PFAP): We are about to roll-out our new PFA Program for patients enrolled in FDA approved clinical trials in or affecting the field of regenerative medicine.
  • Education
  • Health & Resource Information
  • Information & updates, as we (receive them) about the autologous (DNA-matching) dopamine neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson’s diseaselaunched by Summit at Aspen Neuroscience, Inc.
  • Informational Events: Providing current, reliable and evidence-based information from leading experts in or affecting the field of regenerative medicine.
  • Presentations, Informational Webinars, Meetings, etc. 
  • Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.) Webinar Series:  Dedicated to bridging the informational gap between fast-paced scientific discoveries and the medical community featuring world class leading experts in their respective fields. Fully accredited Category 1 CME accredited courses.
  • And, soon to be announced: A new project for those living with Parkinson’s disease.