Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Educational Presentations have been suspended. We will keep you informed once social gathering restrictions change or are lifted.

Educational Presentations:

Summit for Stem Cell Foundation offers Educational Presentations or seminars throughout each year. Seminars will feature different speakers. (See below for a list of a few guest speakers.) In light of Summit's Chapter 2 Mission, some of the subjects covered:

  • About Stem Cells: Hope vs. Hype: Learn about the many types of Stem Cells and their potential.

  • Autologous Dopamine Neuron Replacement Therapy for Parkinson's disease (induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy): Information about the innovative research project and it's progress towards FDA-approved clinical trials for PD. 

  • What's next?: Information about new and innovative research and projects Summit for Stem Cell Foundation is working on.

Please Note: Lab Tours are not offered at Aspen Neuroscience's Lab.The scientific team at Aspen Neuroscience is working to deliver the autologous dopamine neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease as quickly and safely as possible.


*Please note: all dates are subject to change. Adjustments occasionally need to be made in the calendar. We apologize in advance for any change in dates. The progress of the autologous dopamine neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease takes precedence in scheduling these presentations.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  - The Board of Directors

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Jeanne Loring, Ph.D.

Next Educational Presentation in the San Diego, California area

with Dr. Loring as Guest Speaker:

TBA, 2020   

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Andres Bratt-Leal, Ph.D.

Next Educational Presentation in the San Diego, California area

with Dr. Bratt-Leal as Guest Speaker:

TBA, 2020   

Please, if you need to cancel for an unknown reason,

let us know and we can notify someone from the WAIT LIST.

Featured Guest Speakers:

Featured guest speakers at some of the San Diego area Educational Presentations, either or both of the renowned lead researchers for the cell-based therapy:

Jeanne Loring, Ph.D.,                            Andres Bratt-Leal, Ph.D.,               

Chief Scientific Officer,                          Vice President of Research & 

Aspen Neuroscience                             Development,

Senior Scientific Advisor,                      Aspen Neuroscience

Summit for Stem Cell Foundation         Scientific Advisor,

                                                              Summit for Stem Cell Foundation


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