Today, neurological disorders affect 1 billion worldwide. The fastest growing population is Parkinson’s disease. The latest estimated statistics:

In 1990 - 2.6 million, worldwide with Parkinson’s disease

Today - 10 million worldwide, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (more than doubling)

In 40 yrs., if left unchecked, the number of people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease is expected to be 12.9+ million.

Parkinson's disease is projected to be the leading neurodegenerative disease - outpacing even Alzheimer's disease.

These statistics need to change.

Summit for Stem Cell Foundation (Summit) was started by a group comprised of primarily Parkinson's patients looking for a regenerative medicine treatment. The small group found and began raising funds to support Dr. Jeanne Loring and Dr. Andres Bratt-Leal's efforts

to address the symptoms of their disease through an autologous dopamine neuron

replacement therapy. 

Over time, the small group grew into a internationally supported 501(c)(3) organization

. Summit opened its own lab and eventually, Drs. Loring and Bratt-Leal's research

project was successfully transferred to the private sector in an effort to hastened

the cell-based therapy's path to FDA approved clinical trials.

Today, Summit continues its focus on Parkinson's disease due to our origins. However,

we feel that once Parkinson's disease is adequately addressed, the "doors will open

wide" for other neurogenerative conditions.

Summit believes that the symptomatic treatments and rescue medicine used today

to treat life altering ailments such as Parkinson's disease are not enough. We believe

that regenerative medicine has the strongest potential to provide precision medical treatments to address illnesses and conditions affecting the nervous system.

                                                                      Summit continues its maverick approach and dares to                                                                        look outside the box at new and innovative                                                                                          regenerative medicine (stem cell) research.

                                                                           - We provide grants for evidence-based research

                                                                              looking with a Promethean view at the long-

                                                                              standing questions of:

                                                                             "What is the CAUSE of Parkinson's?" and 

                                                                              "What is the CURE for Parkinson's disease?"

Summit is dedicated to bridging the growing informational gap between fast-paced regenerative medicine scientific discoveries and the public & medical communities. We have developed:

  • Strong educational program to help the public and medical communities separate unsupported promises from proven potentials in the exciting field of regenerative medicine (stem cell research & therapies). 

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program with a Category 1 status for MDs and RNs.

  • Informational Webinars accessible to the public.

  • Educational programs feature renowned experts in their respective

  • fields as guest speakers.

We provide patient support in a variety of ways:

  • Educational programs

  • Health and well-being tips and information

We are about to launch our Patient Financial Assistance Program

(PFAP). This program's goal is to provide funds for those enrolled

in a FDA approved regenerative medicine clinical trial. The financially

challenged enrollees can apply for financial assistance for travel

expenses and lodging expenses. This program is currently being 

developed and is anticipated soon.

Summit is a charitable organization that is dependent on donations. Help us continue our efforts and impact the lives of millions....Please! DONATE TODAY!


Funding new and innovative zero-gravity research as a founding member of a 5-organization collaborative

effort aboard the International Space Station.  

Dr. Bratt-Leal delivering a presentation on cell-based research



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