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Welcome to the Summit EVENTS page.

Summit's EVENTS support our programs bringing reliable information and fact-based knowledge to millions worldwide struggling with Parkinson's disease & other neurodegenerative conditions.

Education brings Knowledge. Knowledge brings Change. Change brings Answers.

We look forward to you and your guests joining us in bringing Answers for Today & Tomorrow.

Summit Webinar

California Prop. 14

"The Stem Cell Initiative"

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020

5:00pm - 6:00pm PDT

Cost: FREE

Registration Open NOW

Click image for pdf

Guest Speakers:

Bernard Siegel, Esq., (Moderator) Regenerative Medicine Foundation

Melissa King, Americans for Cures

David Jensen, California Stem Cell Report

Jeanne Loring, PhD., Geneticist & Biologist, Regenerative Medicine Scientist

Kristin MacDonald, Patient Advocate

Judy Roberson, Patient Advocate

We are having technical difficulties...registration should be working before noon tomorrow. (Fri.,10/08/2020)